Madera County Fire, Company 11

North Fork Fire Department

The Community Education program was created to help education children, adults, and seniors on fire & medical awareness and prevention. Our classes are free, and we conduct them where ever is needed. If you want the program presented at your school, function, or group...give us a call!

Community Education

To the left are the creators of the Community Education Program, Robert and Mellany Hawkins.

For more information or to schedule a class, please contact Robert Hawkins at:


Phone: (559) 877-2600


Here are some quick documents that everyone should know. Just click on the link and print the page:


Fire extinguishers: Fire Extinguishers


Everyone, especially seniors, should have the emergency list filled out and placed on their refrigerator. If Medics and Firefighters arrive to your home, this list will save precious time to help you in your time of need: Emergency List 

           Please print this list and post it.


Finally, here are a few seasonal tips: Seasonal tips